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Chapter 7

The Woman with All the Toys
The evil lair was actually quite lovely with silk green patterned throw pillows that were purchased on a recent shopping trip to Dubai. Built into the side of Mount Kumgang and overlooking a pristine lake, Ri Song Ae could not have been more pleased with her birthday present from her brother. The Mercedes had been pretty sweet, as well, but this--damn. She pressed the remote control that tinted the panoramic windows, settled behind the glass desk that had never know a fingerprint, and rested her gloved hands upon its surface. She smiled lovingly at her Miu Miu crystal-embellished satin slingback pumps visible below (the crystal having been customized with diamonds, obviously). Pressing the small, flesh-colored communicator in her right ear, she told her assistant to send in the scientists and spies. She could have just called out to them, but this was so much cooler.
The two men and one woman who walked in a moment later were not wearing expensive shoes, had …

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